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est. 11.03.2002.
Welcome to The Joystick Builder. This small portion of the World Wide Web details information on how to construct a joystick for any home video-game console.

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Updated: Sept. 06, 2005

Hey, it's been awhile! Heh. Is it coincidence that I've updated this site with the first VF5 screens getting caught on the web? Easy answer: No. BTW guys, sorry as I wasn't able to answer questions about stick making, as I moved back to Hawaii from Arizona, and upon arrival, I started doing the same old things that made me leave the rock in the first place... and that's getting drunk off my ass. So I didn't have time to be blasted and crunked out, while giving sound, technical advice to the general joystick making noob.

With the imminent release of VF5 on console (I hope), you can expect me to do some more mods. But in the meantime, anybody know where I can get Sanwa sticks??? :)

BTW, I added to the gallery section with Raider's along with Netrom's sticks, which, ashamedly, was built ages ago. Sorry guys, I got a ton of free time now I'm trying to sober up.

Updated: Aug. 22, 2003.

This may be the beginning of monthly updates. What's added are the newest sticks in the Gallery section. Thanks for all the support guys. Now if Sanwa could get back to me...

Shout outs to the crew at VIRTUA FIGHTER DOT COM and the Virtua Fighter community. The discussions on "Versus City" inspired me to create my own VF4 stick, and thus, this web site. If you have any questions, comments, or contributions, PLEASE, drop me an email. Your words WILL be read and heard.